Happening Stranger

It all began with the desert symphony. Who's Stranger?

In April 2018, a personally unidentified character of cultural history appears in the Namib Desert.
No one knows this creature, no one has ever seen it.

We at TAO5 are very happy to accompany Stranger on the journey.

More information about the project can be found at stranger.org

„Who can say where I was inspired by whom, who can say this of himself? Every human expression is only possible through the everlasting flow of encounter. Every spiritual impulse comes thereof. Who wants to give me the right to intellectual property? If someone gives you rights, it’s like giving you a glass of water from the sea. You hold on to the glass and forget that you are standing in front of the sea, which lies before you in eternal invitation. Rights make you blind to true freedom. I don’t care about rights. All I care about is freedom.“

„Compared to the universe, I’ve just been born, compared to an earthly life, I’m infinitely old.“